Idle Zombies ipa apps free download

Idle Zombies

By Lion Studios

5/5 (1 ratings)

Download the Idle Zombies iOS apps v1.1.20 latest version ipa file free for iPhone & iPad at apple app store



Idle Zombies Ipa file Download On the App store

Idle Zombies ipa apps free download for iPhone & iPad. Download Idle Zombies iOS app 1.1.20 latest version ipa file free for iPhone & iPad at ios. Idle Zombies Develop by Lion Studios. First of all, Idle Zombies app is one of the best mobile games on the iPhone and iPad. We can help you Now How to play Idle Zombies game free. Also, Idle Zombies is one of the Top game iOS devices.

The game is simple for people who first play Idle Zombies. You can Idle Zombies App download free for your IOS device iPhone & iPad at You can very simply Download your selected ipa File, just a simple click. Also, read more action game Faily Brakes 

Idle Zombies ipa apps free download for iPhone

You can now easily download Idle Zombies ipa apps free download for iPhone or iPad to your IOS device. Also, you can get every iPhone or ios device application, or the third-party software installs on the apple app store. Only on the method, you can use your IOS mobile device app. Apple app store cannot provide the other way to install the app on your iPhone, iPad & tablet. So, you must create an apple store account on your iPhone or iPad.

How to install Idle Zombies ipa app at the Apple app store

You can Now easily install Idle Zombies ipa app Using your iPhone & iPad iOS device. Now share How to install Idle Zombies ipa app Using apple app store with IOS Device. If you can follow step by step guide, I think you complete the install Idle Zombies app to your iPhone or iPad.

• First Need to your iPhone or iPad IOS operating system internet connection
• Then go to your mobile, open Apple App store
• than search Idle Zombies in the apple app store
• Now you can see your mobile display Idle Zombies
• Then click the Install Button
• Now Start Download ipa file
• Then complete Idle Zombies app
• Then Auto install Idle Zombies app to your iPhone or iPad
• The final step you complete this application in your IOS mobile device.

Note: If you have not Apple app store account, you cannot install any ipa app in your iOS mobile device iPhone or iPad.

Idle Zombies Game Features

🙦 Crazy Mode
This idle game has non-stop adrenaline filled action, and that’s not even mentioning the Crazy Mode. The horde gets stronger and harder. An alarm will go off if they get too close to the gate. Can you stay calm and defend the city? Or will you lose?

🙦 Battle legendary monsters
Gotta slay them all! It will take everything you got to take down the huge epic boss monsters invading the cities!

🙦 Log on for amazing gifts
Need some help progressing? The more you play and defend, the better your rewards you get.

🙦 Level up your items
The more you kill the more money you make. The more you earn the better your equipment becomes. Only then will you become the best zombie slayer in town.

🙦 Free to play with no WIFI needed!
Swipe and tap anytime, anywhere for free! No internet connection is needed!

🙦 Unique skills and weapons to Unlock!
Need help pushing back those zombies? Unlock special abilities like airstrikes or an electric fence to evaporate the dead. Don’t forget the nukes.

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Operating System: iOS

Price: Free

Author Details

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Md Tohidul Islam

Founder & CEO

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Technical Information

Version: 1.1.20
File size: 149.8 MB
Language: English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese
Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
Copyright: Lion Studios


5/5 (1 ratings)

  • Md Rasel

    Great game!
    I’ve been playing it for 5 days and have unlocked all 4 cities. I still don’t know what all the icons mean ( DPS anyone? ) but I’ve got tons of cash ( hint: get your doghouse auto-working ) and have the most expensive weapons at every level. I paid for a City Pass at the London level and that really bolstered my gold. Also, there’s a setting to double your revenue/damage multiplier for 4 hours if you watch a video…do that. Loving this game but it looks like it could take a while to complete. Crazy mode( icon is an angry red face), which is unlocked by buying a City Pass or once you reach a certain level in each city, helps you get through the levels quicker but I’m still only at level 77 on the 1st city and there’s 200 levels.

    Update: Game is actually never-ending. The ability to kill bosses, and make money, is directly proportional to the level you’re able to upgrade your weapons, and as others have mentioned the game starts crashing when you try to upgrade weapons past level 7000 or so. I reached a point in game levels around 1170 and I could no longer kill bosses because I could no longer upgrade a weapon past 7000. On the Sydney level, I had every weapon at at least 3 stars, and the top 8 weapons fully transformed and leveled up, but could only inflict about 50% damage before time ran out to kill the boss. Money wise, I was up to CR. I deleted the game because I couldn’t advance.

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